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Doing Our Part

To comply with Michigan’s Stay Home Stay Safe order, we paused our manufacturing to keep our employees and our community safe. In light of this crisis, our owner wanted to see how we could better serve our community and our country. We have ready and willing employees and we have equipment that could possibly help ease the burden on our health care workers.
After a quick investigative process, we learned the much needed N-95 mask requires a certification we do not have; however, another great need was for a standard sewn surgical mask to wear over the N-95 mask to prolong the usefulness of respirator masks. We quickly gathered a small cell of employees who have cutting and sewing capabilities, purchased more sewing machines and materials, found a pattern that was acceptable to the industry, and got to work. By Wednesday we were making our first masks. We are adhering to the CDC guidelines and are maintaining a safe distance, and are continually conscientious of the health and safety of our workers.

Community First

Historically, Kindel rallied to the cause during WWII making parts for gliders, Karges made furniture for gentleman’s office quarters. The fortunate part of being a small, family-owned company, is the fact we know we will always do what is right for the community and the country. We knew we had to do what we could to help. This is a tough, uncertain, and scary time for all the world. Yet, we know by working together and by doing our part, we will make it through this as we have other distressing times. May you and yours stay safe and stay well.

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