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Facets Collection

We're thrilled to Announce the launch of Facets- the first collection under Kindel, Karges, and Councill. The versatility of Facets allows you to choose from door or drawer chests or credenzas in three sizes and then immerse yourself into an incredible array of luxury features including veneer, leather, finish, trim and overlay patterns. Multiple hardware choices are available including custom choices designed by Kindel Grand Rapids. If you want inspiration on what's possible, check out our gallery.

Kindel Grand Rapids

About our Brands

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Made in the United States since 1901

Since 1901 the Kindel Furniture Company has preserved an enduring heritage of craftsmanship, scholarship and authenticity. From inception, founder Charles J. Kindel had a vision to build the world’s finest furniture. Kindel has never wavered from this original vision. The legacy of the Kindel family transferred ownership in 1964 when Kindel was purchased by John Fisher of Muncie, Indiana. The Fisher family has maintained family ownership for over 50 years with a dedication and commitment to 100% American-made furniture. While other companies have sought lower cost methods and offshore production, Kindel held a standard for domestic work, and today handcrafts 100% of their furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Handsome, gracious, classic...

A collection of designs to reflect your own taste. Within these pages you will see settings differing widely in feeling. These looks and more can be achieved with Karges furniture. Good design with timeless lines can blend into any décor you choose. The insistence that each piece of furniture be part of a matched group is relatively recent in the long tradition of fine interiors.

Returning to the original idea that a desk or a cabinet has its own intrinsic beauty we have learned that our homes should express our own tastes rather than follow set rules. This allows every home to embrace a beautiful piece of art such is Karges by Hand.

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Fine furniture lives forever.

Councill offers an elegant array of residential furniture, made to order by the skilled and passionate craftsmen and craftswomen of Kindel Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are proud of our hand craftsmanship through the selection of unique and beautiful veneers, bench assembly, meticulously tailored upholstery, and hand finishing techniques. an elegant array of residential furniture.

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Fine Furniture for the Executive Office

Fusing timeless design and time honored tradition, Councill Contract presents you with a comprehensive offering of luxury executive and office furnishings.

What We Do

All three companies are known for creating the finest handcrafted furniture with integrity through hand processes and bench made methods. With over 285 years in collective experience, together these companies reflect the best in American craftsmanship, quality and timeless design.

Our beautifully crafted furniture exhibits the expertise of skilled master craftsmen who carefully apply their hand touch to every step in the construction process – from assembly, carving, decorative painting, veneer selection, sewing and finishing. Kindel Grand Rapids produces detailed furniture with a high level of execution and precision. It is with the greatest emphasis on craftsmanship and artistry, that we build furniture to order everyday.

Our made to order practices and extensive custom capabilities ensure that customers always receive exactly what they want.

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Kindel Grand Rapids has maintained family ownership and is committed to keeping this niche of luxury, handcrafted furniture made in America. Under the direction of our owners, the tradition of craftsmanship and artistry is alive and growing in Grand Rapids.

The Kindel Furniture Company began making hand crafted furniture in the US in 1901, moved production to Grand Rapids in 1912 and has remained ever since. To this day Kindel Furniture is still made 100% in our Grand Rapids facility. Over the last 18 months Kindel Furniture acquired two other US furniture makers with common values, Karges Furniture of Evansville, Indiana founded in 1886 and Councill from Denton, North Carolina. All operations for both Karges and Councill have been moved to Grand Rapids. Together, this family of brands is stronger with their shared values, talents, and resources.

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