America's Luxury Furniture Brand


Kindel Grand Rapids is an American luxury furniture manufacturer and a family of companies that includes Kindel, Karges and Councill. Together, we endure as high-end residential furniture makers in the USA and we are the last remaining residential furniture company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What We Do

All three companies are known for creating the finest handcrafted furniture with integrity through hand processes and bench made methods. With over 285 years in collective experience, together these companies reflect the best in American craftsmanship, quality and timeless design.

Our beautifully crafted furniture exhibits the expertise of skilled master craftsmen who carefully apply their hand touch to every step in the construction process – from assembly, carving, decorative painting, veneer selection, sewing and finishing. Kindel Grand Rapids produces detailed furniture with a high level of execution and precision. It is with the greatest emphasis on craftsmanship and artistry, that we build furniture to order everyday.

Our made to order practices and extensive custom capabilities ensure that customers always receive exactly what they want.


Kindel Grand Rapids has maintained family ownership and is committed to keeping this niche of luxury, handcrafted furniture made in America. Under the direction of our owners, the tradition of craftsmanship and artistry is alive and growing in Grand Rapids.

The Kindel Furniture Company began making hand crafted furniture in the US in 1901, moved production to Grand Rapids in 1912 and has remained ever since. To this day Kindel Furniture is still made 100% in our Grand Rapids facility. Over the last 18 months Kindel Furniture acquired two other US furniture makers with common values, Karges Furniture of Evansville, Indiana founded in 1886 and Councill from Denton, North Carolina. All operations for both Karges and Councill have been moved to Grand Rapids. Together, this family of brands is stronger with their shared values, talents, and resources.


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